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LaborInt is the Interpreting Department's experimental laboratory. Set up in 2011 it features state-of-the-art equipment for a wide range of experimental paradigms. First and foremost, LaborInt was conceived as an eye-tracking laboratory, attempting to study linguistic phenomena through eye movements along two main tiers:

Fundamental research in interpreting

  • understanding the attentional trade-off between comprehension and production
  • understanding the phenomenon of predictive processing in simultaneous interpreting

Applied research in interpreting

  • understanding the integration of multimodal information in simultaneous interpreting
  • creating an ergonomic multi-modal interface between the interpreter and the meeting room



LaborInt is equipped with an ISO 4043 standard interpreting booth solely dedicated to research purposes. This sound-proof installation corresponds to the recommendations of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC) thus ensuring high ecological validity during experiments with professional conference interpreters and interpreting students, who can use a Bosch Microphone Conference System, one of the most widely used interpreting consoles. 


The eye tracker is the centerpiece of the lab. LaborInt is equipped with an Eyelink 1000 (including the 2000Hz upgrade) remote eye tracking system with a 19" flat viewing screen as well as a 19" CRT viewing screen (with a refresh rate of up to 115 Hz). Thanks to the University of Geneva's Psychology Department (FAPSE) we also have access to a Tobii T120 eye tracker.  


For experiments on consecutive interpreting the lab is equipped with a LiveScribe Echo digital infrared pen. The lab also features top-of-the-line audio equipment including a Soundcraft EPM 8 professional mixing table. 


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Registration now open for the FTI Research Methods Winter School II 2016. This Winter School will provide participants with the necessary skills to design and complete an empirical research project, and give them ample opportunity to discuss their projects with experienced researchers. Click here for more details.