Université de Genève Faculté de traduction et d'interprétation Interpreting Department Virtual Institute


We have long been a leader in the discipline and have an unparalleled amount of expertise in the following areas of study:

•    Cognitive aspects of interpreting

•    Virtual learning environments for interpreter training

•    Humanitarian and socio-cultural aspects of interpreting

You will be able to work with a group of dedicated researchers in the field as well as invited experts from neighboring disciplines, whose contributions have shaped our young discipline.


Our comprehensive online learning platform will allow you to benefit from the close cooperation with peers from a variety of intellectual cultures, and with tutors and mentors committed to research excellence.

The modular structure of the online program provides utmost flexibility; private and professional obligations can thus be reconciled with your academic ambitions.

You do not need to relocate to Geneva to participate in our doctoral program as our Virtual Institute will become your classroom and research laboratory, where you will initiate and contribute to discussions, construct knowledge collaboratively and complete your doctoral research.

You will cooperate closely with researchers in related areas in a truly multidisciplinary approach. Depending on your specialization, you will be able to benefit from our close ties other research institutions (from cognitive sciences to learning technologies) and international organizations (from the International Committee of the Red Cross to the International Labor Organization).